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Comfortably Chic 

Ethereal and sensual, Aya. Lingerie satisfies all your sexiest dreams.


Intimately Bridal

Commit with Me

It's time to be a bride- A night to remember with a bridal collection lasting into the honeymoon. 


Sultry Temptress

Seduce with Me

Unleash your primal sexy seductress with this intimately sensual collection. 


Romantic Dreams

Make Me Yours

Make each eye contact, each kiss count with a sweet collection made for every touch. 

Counterpoint in Sensuality and Comfort

Being sexy and comfortable in one's skin is attainable to all. This is why we created Aya Lingerie, a premier lingerie line hand selected with every woman's sexuality in mind. Each piece is affordable and high quality for play, rest, and whatever seductive games that suit your mood. We believe that each woman is free to express her being, move as her curves deserve to be caressed, and glide on confidence in her sensuality. 


Aya. Lingerie  •  NIGHTWEAR  •  2021 LOOKBOOK 


Aya. lingerie

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